Sky Map – Amazing Android Application

May 13th, 20092:41 pm @


Sky Map – Amazing Android Application

Today morning in office, I read a news headline “Google has launched Android App for Star Gazers”; I just bookmarked the link and thought would visit it again. But hang on, it says Android application! It reminded me, about my mobile contract which is about to terminate within a week. I wanted to buy new mobile contract but not yet decided what to buy. Still confused, shall I go for Android device, Windows mobile or famous Apple iPhone?

This thought forced me to browse and read more about this new Android application called SKY MAP! I found some pictures and this amazing video on you tube and thought to paste them here!

This application lets you find information about the twinkling stars. Just point the phone upwards facing camera lenses towards sky, and the app will give you all the information it has on the brightest stars, constellations and planets in that part of the sky. Wow! No more words from me, watch the video and if you fancy Sky Map application, download it from Android Market. Let me know how does it goes on you T-mobile G1 or HTC Magic!.