First day of Google on Twitter!

February 27th, 200912:17 am @


First day of Google on Twitter!

The first tweet from Google was:

first-twitt-google What does it mean? I am sorry I don’t know! You can ask Google!

First three External Links:

1. First external link twitted by Google directs New dashboard for Google Apps post on Official Google Enterprise Blog.

2. Second link directs Google Toolbar 6 beta for Internet Explorer: back to basics on The Official Google Blog.

3. Third links takes to NY Times pages on the post State of the Art Geniuses at Play, on the Job written by David Pogue. Apparently, David Pogue becomes first individual Google has named in their twit!

Who did Google followed first?

1. Google App Engine

2. YouTube

3. Google Adword Support

4. Google Data

5. Google Reader

First 10 Individuals Google Followed on Twitter:

1. Danny Sullivan – Editor-In-Chief at Search Engine Land – Personal Blog:

2. Steven Levy – Senior Editor – Newsweek – Personal Blog:

3. Jeff Huber – Senior Vice President, Engineering, Google

4. Dave Girouard -President, Enterprise, Google

5. Matt Cutts – Head of Web Spam team at Google – Personal Blog:

6. John Markoff – Writes at

7. Saul Hansell – Editor, NYTimes Bits blog – Writes at

8. Kevin Marks – works at Google – Personal Blog:

9. John Mueller – Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google Zürich – Blog:

10. Bradley Horowitz – VP Product at Google, focusing on Apps – Blog:

Google Follower’s Facts:

1. Google on twitter has approx 4000 followers in first five hours.


2. I have taken some of the screenshot of Google’s Twitter Home from 15:30 to 14:30 on 26th Feb. So now it’s your turn to find the difference in these images.

3. Difference is number of followers. Google had on an average approx more than 100 new followers every five minutes.

4. Google has twitted all its updates from the web except seventh update, which was done by Firefox add-ons  Power Twitter.

5. Finally when I am about to finish this post, Google has thanked Yahoo & Live Search for the warm welcome in its 11th update. When I checked followers counter, it was 21,727 at 00:16 on 27th February.

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