How to add RSS feed on Facebook wall tab?

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How to add RSS feed on Facebook wall tab?

I am a novice blogger and wanted to promote my blog. But as my blog doesn’t have any niche topic, it is difficult to have visitors without any niche interest. So I thought my Facebook friends might love to read whatever I write here.

This idea motivated me to list my all or recent posts on my Facebook profile. And I thought of uploading RSS feed of I, Me and MySelf (this blog). But when I started doing it so, I came to know it is bit difficult and tricky. It took me more than 1 hour to find and get those things done in facebook.

Now without narrating whole story, let me be straight forward to say how it was done.

How to Add RSS feed on your Facebook’s Profile (Using Facebook Application):

1. Go on well-known Facebook application Blog RSS Feed Reader.

2. Click on Go to Application button on left side.

3. Now allow Blog RSS Feed Reader to access your profile.

4. Click on Add When you see the below shown screen and add the details of your RSS Feed and make other setting the way you want your  feed to be appeared and save your settings. The next screen will show green button if your feed is successfully added. Also you can preview your feed by clicking the preview button on right.

Blog Reader Facebook App

5. Now I know you will go your profile page to look for the displayed feed, but you will find nothing anywhere. But don’t worry. On the very left side of Facebook footer bar, you always see Applications. Click that.

6. Click on Edit Applications and in your application list you will see Blog RSS Feed Reader. Go on its Edit Settings.

7. You will see below given image. Now click on Add where it says Box: Available (Add) and then ok to exit this screen. You can do other settings as well, but not required.

Blog Reader Facebook App-2

8. Now go on your profile page you will have an extra tab named Boxes beside Photos tab.

9. Click on the Boxes and you can see your feed sitting there.

Now if you want this feed to appear on your profile page without going in Boxes, Sorry! Unfortunately Blog RSS Feed Reader  application doesn’t support it. (Go down in the same post if you still want to do it other way!)

How to Add RSS feed on your Facebook’s Profile (without using Facebook application):

1. Go on Applications on the very left side of your Facebook footer bar.

2. Click on Notes.

3. Now go to My Notes. You will see

Blog Reader Facebook App-44. Now click on Import a blog on right side of your screen.

5. Enter your feed URL, tick the checkbox for T&C and click Start Importing.

6. You will see the preview of your feed. Go down and at the end of the page, click on Confirm Import.

7. Now if you go on My Notes, you will see your posts title and some description of your articles displayed well. Go on your profile page and you will see same imported contents are posted on your Facebook Wall as well. So every time a new article is posted on your blog, it automatically updates your Facebook’s wall.

But if you are Facebook addict and updating your status frequently, there are chances that your posts will not be available on your profile page or on your wall in first instance.

So what to do if you want your latest posts always available on your profile page in first instance? Here is the solution.

How to add RSS feed on your Facebook profile’s wall tab:

Facebook wall tab is left menu bar just below your picture on profile page. It contains some information about you, displays some of your friends photos, etc. So this is the best place to set our RSS feed.

1. First you will have to add your feed into My Notes. (As mentioned above).

2. Now go on Applications on far left side in Facebook footer bar. Click on edit applications.

3. You will see the list of applications. Click on edit settings in the Notes.

4. Now you will see below given figure with Box and Tab Available. Click on Add in Box option. And exit the screen by pressing OK.

Blog Reader Facebook App-5

5. Now go on your profile page and go to Boxes tab beside Photos tab.

6. You will see your RSS feed with the heading Notes. (shown below)

Blog Reader Facebook App-6

7. Now click on the top right corner edit button (pencil icon) and click on move to wall tab option.

8. Now go on your profile page to see how well your RSS feed is fitted in wall tab. Move around your wall tab block up or down to place wherever you want.

Now your and mine friends can see our latest posts on our Facebook profile page!

I hope this might be helpful to someone like me!.. :).